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WB Tour [25 Feb 2007|03:17pm]

Hey guys, just got back from LA, literally landed not too long ago.
But here's my recap.
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29 Opinions ~ Spoil Me

[02 Mar 2005|12:30am]

This is a community for lovers of the show "Gilmore Girls." Spoilers and episodes are discussed here and we welcome new members! However membership is currently moderated, as are entries. Entries are moderated just so that we can allow them to be "friends-only."

There are a few rules.

We do not tipe lik dis on the community. We do not waste posts with "OMG" and that's it. There are other GG communities for that. Entries like that will not be posted. Banning is also a possibility if the problem persists.

Make sure all of your entries are friends-only, or they won't be posted.

If you would like to share in the love, please join! :D
28 Opinions ~ Spoil Me

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